Make reality your toy box.

Super Toy Box is a creative media and technology company that focuses on creating immersive experiences using emerging technologies. We are storytellers who live and breathe in the seam of the physical and digital worlds. We design, develop and produce creative products, games, media and interactive experiences across all platforms.

Who We Are

Super Toy Box is a full-service creative and technology company that applies meticulous brand concepts to the pace and demands of today’s modern media culture. We are a dream-team of multi-talented, perpetually curious and inventive folks who create award-winning work.

What We Do

Our products and services are some of the following:

  • SuperSTRENGTHS: Creators of engaging physical and digital content experiences who functions as an in-house full-service marketing agency that operates as a creative, media buying and production service provider.
  • SuperVR: Building virtual reality apps within minutes across major digital platforms.
  • SuperAR: Instantly blend the digital and physical worlds with augmented reality experiences that can be easily distributed in minutes.
  • SuperLIVE: We make it easy for publishers and content creators to broadcast live immersive stories and experiences to the world including 360 degree video.

Selected Projects

Experience Reality

With this interactive kiosk, shoppers used a touchscreen to customize their chosen Mitsubishi. We showed them how competitors’ prices compared, and let them shop for fun lifestyle items with their savings.

PLATFORM(S): Public Installation

VR Factory is a one-stop solution for getting your VR content hosted and distributed, on any platform. Don’t to wait months or weeks. Give us your content and in days we’ll build and host your VR app without breaking your bank.

PLATFORM(S): Virtual Reality, 360 Video

A physical, competitive, live experiential installation for attendees at Cisco GSX. Utilizing Unity, NFC technology, and custom-created bicycle sensors, we developed a game bridging the physical and digital realms for attendees at the Cisco GSX event in Las Vegas.

PLATFORM(S): Digital Installation, Billboard Projection