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some work.

Augmented Reality

We take the imaginative power of augmented reality and a bit of secret sauce to create bite-size AR content that’s quick, fun, and very very shareable on social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Platform(s): Augmented Reality, Social Media

The Sinner: Watch

For the second installment of The Sinner, we developed an original, immersive digital experience that followed along with the series. Episode installments came through as text messages, video calls, livestreams, and an interactive mobile website with NLP (natural language processing) capabilities.

Platform(s): Alternate Reality, Mobile Web, Natural Language Processor

Toyota: Mirai AR

A augmented reality activation for a traveling interactive installation. We created a AR app that allowed users to drive a mini Toyota Mirai across the east coast. Lined with beacons, the game map gave users vital information about the hydrogen vehicle.

Platform(s): Augemented Reality, Public Installation, Experience Activation

Cisco “Simple” AR

An interactive augmented reality experience created for Cisco. This AR app gave event attendees a chance to envsion and experience Cisco products that live on the cloud.

Platform(s): Augemented Reality, Public Installation, Experience Activation

Subaru of America

We created a new digital wheel stand that pairs wonderfully with the Subaru brand and line-up. Crafted with stunning animations, captivating imagery and on-demand up-to-date VIN data, visitors are given key information at a glance and beautifully rendered.

Platform(s): Public Kiosk, Wheelstand

GSX: Cycle Challenge

A physical, competitive, live experiential for the attendees of Cisco GSX. Utilizing Unity, NFC technology, and custom-created bicycle sensors, we went out to develop a game bridging the physical and the digital for the attendees of the Cisco GSX event in Las Vegas.

Platform(s): Public Installation, Public Game

Aggregate Watches

Aggregate Watches is a new timepiece company selling uniquely designed watches. Their flagship watch, The Masonic, is a beautiful premium design watch crafted from lightweight concrete. We helped them develop their brand and build their e-commerce store.

Platform(s): Website, E-commerce, Product Launch, Branding, Marketing

Match 3 & Win

Together with MKG, we developed a fun interactive game for participants to win trips from Delta. The game was simple and fun. Match three destinations and win. Utilizing 15 touch tablets and WebSockets technology, we brought the game into the digital realm.

Platform(s): Installation, Digital Wall, Game

Hiding in Plane Sight

Along with MKG, we designed and developed a fun interactive game for turn-key events for participants at Delta. This fast paced game has players finding the differences between images in 30 seconds within multiple rounds.

Platform(s): iOS Game, Game Design, Turn Key

Subaru of America

Subaru is a proven brand as one of the most awarded in the industry. We developed a proximity sensing, digital mirror based, touch appliciation showcasing Subaru’s awards and the Subaru dog family, the Barkley’s.

Platform(s): Public Installation

Suitcase Choose or Lose

With our partners at MKG, we designed and developed a fun interactive game for turn-key events for participants at Delta. Participants play the game by choosing a destination. With increasing turns a “banker” could offer a different destination.

Platform(s): iOS Game, Game Design, Turn Key

EA: Wall Infographics

Interactive display pulls in data from the EA players’ servers, so the stats are automatically updated every morning. We’re happy to help remind the employees of EA how popular their work really is.

Platform(s): Public Installation, Digital Wall

KIA Motor America

Commissioned by EWI Worldwide, we developed a new digital wheel stand that perfectly pairs with the Kia line-up. Developed with stunning animations, captivating imagery and up-to-date data, visitors are given key information at a glance and beautifully rendered.

Platform(s): Public Kiosk, Wheelstand

Custom VR apps, anytime

VR Factory is a one-stop solution to getting your VR content hosted and distributed, on any platform. Don’t want to wait months or weeks? Give us your content and three days and we’ll build and host your VR app without breaking your bank.

Platform(s): Virtual Reality, 360 Video, Content

Your Life Transformed

With this interactive, shoppers used a touchscreen to customize their chosen Mitsubishi; we showed them how competitors’ prices compared, and let them shop for fun lifestyle items with their savings.

Platform(s): Public Installation

Live Stream in 360

360 LIVE is a one-stop solution to broadcast your 360° video live on Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope all at once. With 360 LIVE we make it easy for publishers and content creators to broadcast live immersive stories and experiences to the world.

Platform(s): Virtual Reality, 360 Video, Social Media, Content

Redefining the workday

Interactives help people envision possibilities, and insert themselves into imagined realities. Visitors approach the touchscreen and can access the floor plans, blueprints, renderings, amenities, photos, and videos of the future development.

Platform(s): Public Installation

Find your happy home

We developed a bespoke multi-platform kiosk application installed in the sales centers and mobile devices to help facilitate brokers and potential buyers learn more about the Great Park Neighborhoods homes.

Platform(s): Public Kiosk, Mobile Tablet

Toyota: CES

A special app for an interactive installation at CES. We created a Unity-based app with pillar-based functionality, that synced with a video they wanted to play. We saw the Box signal and designed, produced, and installed the project and Toyota was up and running.

Platform(s): Public Installation, Experience Activation

Game your Japanese

Several of the Super Toy Box team members speak Japanese, so when our dear friend asked us to design and build his mobile app, Kanjilicious, we were pretty excited. Highly stylized artwork and clean, fast gameplay make this a fun, challenging testing ground for your Japanese skills.

Platform(s): Mobile, iOS

Ubiquiti: Amplifi

Ubiquiti needed a fresh new marketing site for their fresh new product, so we made them one. Content, animations and video production? We made those too!

Platform(s): Website, Product Launch

Build your BMW

BMW needed an Android app to work in conjunction with their dealership shops, and we were happy to build one! So, we created a sleek, intuitive Android app to work with BMW dealerships.

Platform(s): Public Kiosk, Retail

Take all the cake

Simple and fun. A marketing website for Sony’s Fat Princess Adventures. We were extremely happy to watch the site go live and the game do as well as it deserved. Just desserts, indeed.

Platform(s): Website, Game Announcement

Taste the experience

Toma Leche is a campaign from the American Dairy Association geared toward the Latin market. We created an experiential using Muse headsets that took in EEG readings of peoples’ brains while they ate tacos and drank milk.

Platform(s): Public Installation

Capture the memories

We built a mobile and web app experience on a subscription service for anyone who wants to preserve memories. Creating the app was almost as fun as designing the look and feel of a highly detailed service. Instant nostalgia, now available.

Platform(s): Web Application, Mobile, iOS